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Optimisation | Transformation | Innovation

We use a blended, design-led approach of research, experience design and digital transformation to help you shape systems to compete better, design services to deliver great experiences to your people and to inspire innovation throughout your organisation.

Our Services

  • Discover.

    Using our multidisciplinary skills and expert facilitation we help you explore market research, behavioural insights, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and trend data. In doing so, we motivate the search for new opportunities including emerging technologies.

  • Develop.

    The process of generating, developing and testing ideas with the people who matter - again and again. Using our experience toolkit, we help you to fail fast, adapt quickly and succeed sooner.

  • Design & Deliver.

    The path that leads from the project room to the market place. We help you to design the right environment and framework on which to launch.

  • Iterative.

    We can loop back through all these spaces more than once as we refine ideas and explore new directions. And as your capabilities grow, the rewards of being a design-led organisation will remain long after we’ve left.

  • Business By Design.

    By harnessing creative problem solving including the constraints, businesses can approach most challenges through design-led thinking. 4_ttude is currently working with organisations to discover “Privacy By Design” opportunities created by the forthcoming #GDPR.

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