Work Life is Real Life

Within organisations and businesses, structures, policies, hierarchies and workflows exist because of best intentions and impetus. People put them in place for good reasons, and they may have worked for you ten years ago – but do they help or hinder?

At 4_ttude, we believe that stepping away from ‘this is how we’ve always done it' is the first step to a smarter, more effective future.

People know better – they’re equipped with analytical minds, huge potential for growth and the ability to make better judgements than organisational systems ever will. The knack is learning to trust your people and let go of any processes and regulations that no longer serve you.

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The 4 D’s form the structure of our work with clients from all manner of industries, backgrounds and approaches.


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What is stopping you from doing your very best work as an organisation?

There may be many answers to this, there may be only one or two; they may be complex, they may be more easily identified – either way, they're important to identify.

Our Discover stage is a diagnostic process. With the key people from your organisation engaged, we will work with you to investigate every facet of your processes, your structures and your culture, with tried and tested methods and some simple but clever ways to encourage honest, constructive self-assessment.

  • 4_ttude Diagnostic Tool
  • 'OS CANVAS' Workshop


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Once we establish an initial answer to that simple but pivotal question, our task is to identify key issues and scope out the crucial problems at their essence. What are the root causes? What contexts are important?

At this stage, Design Sprint Academy methodology provides a proven, design-led approach to problem framing.

We move ahead when we have reached consensus on which problems we will identify as targets for our Develop stage.

  • Design Sprint Academy approach
  • Problem framing
  • Collaborative workshops


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Having scoped out and framed the problems at hand, the Develop stage is about prototyping and rigorously testing — seeking out the adjustments that will deliver optimum results for your organisation.

To do this, we harness Design Sprint Academy methodology — building viable solutions through 'design sprints'. These are focused, innovative processes that establish full understanding, gather ideas, select best options and test to ensure effectiveness.

At this stage, we may recommend the services of some of our trusted Affiliates to help with testing or pre-delivery.

  • Design Sprints
  • User Group Testing
  • Selecting Best Solutions


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Roll-out of the solutions developed and tested by your team is an important step towards better working – and it can take many forms.

We have a network of expert Affiliates that we can recommend to help with the next stages in your journey as an organisation – including digital specialists, brand agencies, HR consultants and cyber-security companies.

As with the three prior stages, the Delivery phase is driven by the people within your organisation and their intimate understanding of how work life operates.

  • 4_ttude Affiliates
  • Implementation of Solutions
  • Assessment / Reporting

So how can we help?

4_ttude work intimately with SMEs and businesses, offering strategic consultation and facilitating organisational change that yields quantitative real results.

Our 4-step approach entrusts the people of an organisation with designing the solutions they need to be better at what they do. It does this by beginning with an exploratory ‘Discover’ phase, in which proven workshop exercises are utilised to begin to scope the major issues arising in the organisation - as directed by the people within it.

From there, we begin to define these further, develop solutions, test them and deliver the ones that work.

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