Design Sprints for Change 2019

Led by Design Sprint Academy and Google Design, this one-day exclusive event in London focuses on innovation, organizational transformation and design sprints

Design Sprints for Change brought together 100+ executives, innovators, designers, consultants and design sprint ambassadors to tap into a broad diversity of perspectives, share success stories and learn cross-industry best practices.

"A great morning spent @Google London, focussing on ‘Design Sprints for Change’. 400 applications for the event, 100 in the room - it is a movement. It was fascinating to see how other big and small businesses are employing the same approach as RGAX to help their business grow by helping others. It was also nice to reconnect with John Vetan and Dana Vetan @designsprintacademy who showed us the way to identify real problems worth solving and create solutions you can test - all in 5 days!"

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